Friday, August 31, 2012

3rd night Cornwall

ST. Ives Beach

Nice sandy beaches are hard to come by in England. This Beach was Perfect for sandcastles. Very crowded, parking stinks, but totally worth it. We had so much fun. It was so easy to get to the shore no rocks to have to walk through.

3rd Day in Cornwall

Pendennis Castle
This castle was so much fun for the kids and adults. They had 2 fun areas for the kids to have some hands on learning. I would definitly come back to this castle again. We didnt make it to its sister castle st. Mawes But we could see it from the distance.

Pertending to shoot the enemy. lots of cool sounds

These guys talk and shoot the cannon and smoke fills the room
so cool
Another kid room to teach the kids how to prepare for war.


2nd Night

Watching the sunset. what an incredible site


Cornwall was so much fun to visit. We were able to do everything we wanted except The Eve House. Which is the largest green house in the world. We camped again. Except this time we forgot our tent.  How fun that was. So we got to the sight and realized that it wasn't in our van. oh well now we have 2 tents.  The campsite we stayed at was Little Bodieve Holiday park. It was the center point to everywhere we needed to go. so we never had to to drive more then an hour to get anywhere.

This campsite was amazing and if we ever go back to Cornwall we will stay here again. Its family ran and there is 2 heated pools and then a water slide or how the British call it a flume. Free mini golf included and a huge playground for the kids to play on. Honestly we could of just stayed there and done nothing else and would of been a really fun trip. The Beach was 2 miles away lots of people surfing and learning to surf.
Only regret besides forgetting the tent is just not taking more pictures of the kids camping and tanner eating his 1st smore.

Jacob Always has to make it a little more daring

Jonathon, I went down too but no one wants to see that picture. lol cause that's what u would be doing.

Julianne got brave enough to go down by herself

1st Day Out
Tintagel Castle

So this castle ruins is supposedly the birth spot of King Arthur From Sword and the Stone. It was such a hard hike up the mountain, but totally worth the views. The hike probably would of been easy without an extra 20lbs on my chest. aka Tanner.

Since mom went to the edge Jacob followed

Thats as close as Jonathon would go to the edge

Not worth the money, to go in.

totally worth it and very addictive. So good Also known as cornish pastys

copy cats

Framlingham and Orford Castle

We were Leaving the next day for our big trip to Cornwall so we decided to do a little day Trip to Framlingham and Orford castle. I wish we would of been able to make it to the Saxtead green Post Mill because they said we could of gone up inside and the mill would be on. Sounded cool.

Orford Castle

My Superman
After StoneHenge and Salisbury, we went to a local petting farm called Cholderton Charlies Farm. The Kids loved it there. It was a nice way to end the day and let the kids have some fun.

Tractor Ride

Petting  bunnies

This Goat couldnt wait for his food

This pig cracked us up. He knew we where going to feed him and when we tried to leave he kept begging for more

Started to rain as always, Luckily there was an indoor play area

yea this was a scary moment.

Fun day.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best day Trip


The kids love the audio tour.

so fun to be a kid.
We started our morning at Stonehenge and then went to the Salisbury Cathedral. This was our first cathedral and to be honest i was surprised it was full of deceased people. Still very Beautiful but kind of weird to be walking on graves.

Isle of Wight

Osborne House

statue of Queen Victoria

on the ferry
Very beautiful house. so sad no one is allowed to take pictures of the inside of the house. I could spend hours inside looking at everything.
Carisbrooke Castle